Have you saturated the simulation capabilities of the linear solver in ANSYS DesignSpace? Is modelling nonlinear physical behaviour critical to your project? If YES, then ANSYS Professional NLS is the next ANSYS module you need to acquire.

ANSYS Professional NLS is the logical upgrade from ANSYS DesignSpace, offering the user nearly the entire set of structural nonlinear capabilities in three major categories:

  • Geometric nonlinearity
  • Material nonlinearity
  • Boundary/Contact nonlinearity


ANSYS Professional software provides a first step into advanced linear dynamics and the nonlinear capabilities of ANSYS structural mechanics. ANSYS Professional NLS containing linear structural dynamics and thermal capability as well as a basic structural nonlinear capability.

The animation below is a great example of nonlinear behaviour, in the animation, the structure undergoes large deformation and strain locally, as well as the forming of new contact regions as parts of the structure fold into contact.


These capabilities enables the user to simulate complex physical environments with high fidelity and ease. Such environments include:

  • Large structural deformation or high material strain
  • Material plasticity (rate independent)
  • Hyperelasticity
  • Dynamic boundary condition (surfaces sliding and surface separation)
  • Frictional contacts (normal and tangential)


What the user will gain from such capabilities is the power to capture complex physics with fidelity (whereas linear analysis can sometimes over simplify the physics and output misleading results). Consider the example below, two circular surfaces are loaded with a unit vertical force at the centre and fixed at the edge. The result on the left is a linear structural analysis which is not capable of taking stress hardening behaviour in to account. The result on the right is a nonlinear structural analysis which does take stress hardening into consideration. By comparing the displacement results the linear analysis, with its over simplification of structural behaviour, overestimated the deformation by 400%!



What's more, ANSYS Professional NLS comes with the additional solvers to enable the user to conduct a more complete structural analysis, not just load bearing assessments. The additional solvers include

  • Nonlinear buckling
  • Transient structural analysis
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Harmonic analysis
  • In addition to the nonlinear capabilities, with ANSYS Professional NLS the user receives additional pre-processing and post-processing functionalities
  • Beam modelling
  • Advanced meshing methods
  • Function and tabular loads and boundary conditions
  • Vector and iso-surface result displays

Leap Capabilities

LEAP Australia has decades of experience in providing ANSYS technology to industry. We provide 2 day structural nonlinearity training courses specifically aimed at using ANSYS Structural NLS to help new users get up to speed. Please contact us for training course information, software and consulting prices or for a discussion on your simulation requirements.

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The cost of equipment shutdowns means that components need to be designed with accuracy and precision – using ANSYS to evaluate redesign options.

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