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CAD-Centric Design

In addition to the dedicated middle mouse button, ideal for application functions CAD users utilize every day, the overall design philosophy behind the full-size CadMouse is one of ergonomic function and comfort. The hand is supported naturally, while contoured indentations in the main buttons provide fingers a tactile sense of where best to rest. CadMouse was built for comfort over long CAD sessions, with each feature large and small combining to create a truly innovative whole.

High Performance and Precision

With an excellent polling rate and dpi, clicks occur exactly where they are needed, and movements are precise and controlled thanks to an advanced laser sensor built into CadMouse.
The PTFE feet are durable and offer smooth movement, creating less static friction and more functional, kinetic friction for precision use.

Optimised Zoom and Scroll Navigation

The Smart Mouse Wheel recognises in which application you are working to deliver the correct scrolling experience. Precise click-to-click zooming in CAD applications and speed scrolling with inertia in browsers and documents make the wheel a multi-purpose tool.
CAD users zoom in and out of models and drawings many times daily. The QuickZoom feature of CadMouse makes this process simple. Press the thumb buttons to zoom in and out of the cursor’s position, fine tune the zoom level by continuing to keep the corresponding button pressed.

Effortless Access to Commands and the Perfect Driver

The Gesture Button opens an application or environment-specific radial menu so you can access your favorite commands with a simple mouse gesture. Our 3DxWare 10 driver software offers fast and simple customisation of application commands. Its simple but powerful interface makes it easy to individualize the CadMouse experience.