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Vuforia Chalk


Quickly scale problem-solving guidance, support and expertise to your factory operations & service teams with augmented reality. Vuforia Chalk is a powerful collaboration and communication tool for your organisation’s experts to provide real-time assistance to technicians facing complex or unfamiliar challenges.

Collaborative AR Enables Limitless Reach for Expert Guidance
Vuforia Chalk combines advanced augmented reality (AR) with real-time communications to connect a field technician with an expert so that the expert can see and discuss the situation in the field. Technicians and experts can draw digital annotations on a mobile screen or desktop that accurately stick to 3D physical objects allowing the expert to guide the technician through a process, step-by-step. With more accurate annotations, experts and technicians spend less time resolving issues, increasing operational productivity and efficiency.

Vuforia Chalk delivers faster resolution without the time and expense of expert travel or repeat technician visits.

“Chalk is going to improve within-factory communications and factory-to-factory communications, and it will allow us to renegotiate how our vendor contracts are structured.”
– DP Prakash, Head of Innovation at Global Foundries


Reduce Operational Costs:
Giving frontline workers access to real-time AR support from your most experienced team members reduces the time it takes to repair or resolve, without the travel costs.

Faster Technician Training:
Remote mentoring of new technicians via modern digital learning methods effectively transfers the knowledge of more experienced workers, so everyone on the team can be an expert.

Improve Service Quality:
Both expert and technician can accurately mark up live views to highlight details or guide solutions. Annotations stick where drawn, so ad-hoc instructions are precise.

Market-leading AR:
The Vuforia platform from PTC is the industry leader in Augmented Reality Technology.

Increase Workflow Effectiveness & Efficiency – Anytime, Anywhere
Vuforia Chalk enables the industrial enterprise to rapidly and cost-effectively get augmented reality (AR) in the hands of service and operations technicians with the mobile devices they have today.

  • Manufacturing and Service – empower technicians with remote expert guidance for service, step-by-step assembly or inspection
  • On-the-job Training – increase information retention and accuracy with ad-hoc assistance from a supervisor or trainer while a new technician completes first-time activities

Currently PTC is offering a free 30 day trial of Vuforia Chalk.  Complete the form below to get started:

In order to enable the software to work on your device, we just need your name, email, company, and country (for GDPR privacy rules).  Please note that your details will be processed in accordance with PTC’s Terms of Free Access and Privacy Policy.

What You Need for Vuforia Chalk to Work for You:

iOS 11 AR-Kit enabled iPhones, iPads or Android Samsung Galaxy devices (S6 or better). See supported device list.

Please note that you will receive an email directly from PTC to confirm your details and complete the registration process.  Please be sure to check your junk folder if the email does not arrive in your inbox.

Due to high demand there is a slight delay in processing requests but we advise you submit your details now to ensure you can be up and running with Vuforia Chalk ASAP.