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Digital Transformation – LEAP Australia

Digitalisation of product development and the advent of Industry 4.0 is transforming the way engineers and designers create a new generation of smart, connected products – with impacts seen across the entire product lifecycle: from product conception and detailed design through to sourcing and servicing.

LEAP Australia is the leading engineering software solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand, for over 20 years we have assisted thousands of companies with their design and engineering problems.

LEAP’s support team has unrivaled expertise with PTC software, covering Computer Aided Design (CAD)Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT). Our expertise enables process transformation and delivers closed-loop lifecycle management for smart, connected products and operations across your entire enterprise: from engineering to manufacturing, sales through to service.

Digital Transformation Solutions at LEAP Australia
Codebeamer ALM - Requirements Management at LEAP Australia

End-to-End Product Requirements Management with Codebeamer ALM

LEAP recently ran a webinar to demonstrate how you can empower your product development teams with Codebeamer, an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform for modern, advanced product and software development. In this post we have summarised the content of this webinar and made the recording available to watch on demand.

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Creo 10 Highlights - LEAP Australia

Creo 10 Highlights

As a PTC Platinum Partner for almost 20 years, we can confirm that Creo 10 is the best Creo release yet – with brand new composite design and analysis tools and enhancements to design for electrification, MBD, ergonomics design, simulation-driven design, advanced manufacturing and more.

Earlier this year, LEAP team took Creo 10 on the road with live, in-person launch events hosted across Australia and New Zealand which included presentations of key release highlights. This article provides you with the best of these presentations, including live demonstrations.

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Creo Composite Design & Manufacturing (CDM) extension

The Creo Composite Design & Manufacturing (CDM) extension provides a fully-integrated Composite Design environment in Creo to design and manufacture parts built using composite layups. This article summarises our recent webinar that provided a detailed look at Creo’s new composite design capabilities and a live demonstration of the extension in action. Read on and watch clips of the recording to learn more.

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New Manufacturing Technology on display at Australian Manufacturing Week

The Manufacturing Tech Australia podcast visited LEAP’s stand at this year’s Australian Manufacturing Week to interact with some of the new technologies that were on display. Here is a record of their conversation captured on their podcast with Paul O’Shaughnessy, PTC Business Manager at LEAP Australia (plus some photos and videos from our booth display with Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub and Monash Nova Rover!)

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Boost Innovation with Creo Simulation

The final installment of the Innovate with Creo series covers the latest in Creo’s simulation capabilities including a demonstration of Creo Simulation Live, which provides instantaneous simulation capabilities to study the structural stresses, fluid dynamics and heat transfer effects for your model inside Creo.

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Boost innovation with Creo for Modern Manufacturing

This article recaps a recent LEAP webinar that provides an overview of the powerful manufacturing tools available within Creo and demonstrates them in action – with specific tools related to both additive manufacturing and subtractive manufacturing such as CNC machining.

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Creo 9 Release Highlights

Highlights from LEAP’s Creo 9 launch, including our recent webinar that was held for customers unable to join us at the live events. The webinar recording includes key highlights of new features and enhancements in Creo 9 along with a live demonstration.

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Risk and Reliability Management with PTC Windchill

Highlights from LEAP’s recent webinar on Windchill’s Risk & Reliability suite – the industry strandard software for analysing product performance, reliability, and safety data as well as maintaining best practices within a collaborative industry environment.

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Understanding Key Differences in PDM vs PLM

Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are actually significant differences between them – in reality PDM is too narrow to describe the full breadth of capabilities that a true PLM system offers. LEAP’s recent webinar on this topic is summarised here to clear up any misconceptions about PDM and PLM for manufacturing organisations.

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Getting the most out of Creo (Part 2)

Part 2 – How can Creo users increase the value of their CAD models by using more advanced functionality – recordings are here on-demand and cover the use of Augmented Reality for design reviews, creation of high-quality technical illustrations and service documentation, plus generating engaging customer marketing collateral directly from your CAD model.

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Getting the most out of Creo (Part 1)

How can Creo users increase the value of their CAD models by using more advanced functionality – Part 1 recordings now available on-demand and covering the best-practice use of Simulation / Design Validation, Mould Design & Analysis, and optimising for Modern Manufacturing techniques.

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Advanced Assembly Design with Creo

Any time a team works with complex assemblies, they risk miscommunications, gaps, and overlap. The result? Errors and rework. That’s why Creo develops powerful capabilities for managing all of your most complex assemblies. Recently Taju Joseph, Application Engineer at LEAP Australia presented a webinar looking at the advanced assembly design capabilities within Creo and how they can help improve the quality of your models. This post provides a summary and includes video clips of the live demonstrations presented in this webinar.

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Creo Multibody Design

Every seat of Creo now includes multibody design capabilities which can dramatically simplify part design and improve modelling efficiency. We recently presented a webinar looking at the surprising ways Multibody Design can help you develop higher quality products faster which we have summarised in this article including video clips of the presentation. Read on to learn how you can start working smarter with Creo Multibody Design today.

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Kickstarting Factory IoT with ThingWorx Applications

Pressure on manufacturers to maximise production performance has never been higher, yet many companies still face significant challenges in acquiring, managing, sharing and acting upon the production data that will help them to achieve their goals. The adoption of the ThingWorx IoT platform and in particular implementing Thingworx Applications for use cases such as real-time asset monitoring, allows manufacturers to quickly resolve these production data management issues, lowering operating costs and increasing asset efficiency.

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Reworking Your Workflow for Better Product Design with Creo Simulation

Creo Simulation tools provide guidance on the thousands of decisions you make throughout the development process, improving quality, reducing time to market, and saving you money.

This article summarises our recent webinar entitled Reworking Your Workflow for Better Product Design with Creo Simulation Live where we looked more closely at how the adoption of simulation early in the design process can accelerate time to market and improve product quality.

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Exploring Creo 8 – New Features & Enhancements

Explore the raft of new improvements in Creo 8 – designed to help you create better products, faster than ever – from LEAP’s live Creo 8 web launch. We explore the enhancements to usability and productivity in Creo 8, including new tools for model-based definition (MBD) and additive and subtractive manufacturing; plus new simulation and generative design capabilities.

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Closed Loop Quality with Windchill

In the 5th installment of our 6-part Windchill PLM webinar series, we discuss the importance of quality management, the implications of problems with quality occurring and how Windchill can be utilised as the foundation for closed loop quality.

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How to Manage your BOMs in Windchill

In the 4th installment of our 6-part Windchill PLM webinar series, we explore how BOM management works within Windchill, how to configure various BOMs for both upstream and downstream use and how Windchill can integrate with other enterprise systems to share engineering data with the wider organisation.

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Windchill for Product Data Management

In the 2nd installment of our 6-part Windchill PLM webinar series, we take a deeper dive into Windchill’s object-based digital data model and how it manages product data and give a live demonstration of Windchill’s core PDM functionality including tracking down in which assemblies a particular part is used, connectivity between Windchill and your CAD system, workflows and tasks and much, much more.

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LiveWorx 2016 Main Slider image

PTC LiveWorx 2016

PTC LiveWorx returned to Boston in 2016 and a major focus was the power and potential of the Internet of Things which was showcased through

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Introducing KeyShot 6

KeyShot is the fastest and easiest to use 3D CAD renderer available. With industry leading render speed, Keyshot is several times faster than most native

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