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LEAP’s support for F1 in Schools teams


Recommended steps for F1 in Schools teams wanting to work with Ansys for aerodynamics:

  • Head to F1 in Schools + Ansys | Ansys CFD Partnership where you can see the details of the recently announced partnership with Ansys.
  • Get started with the free student version of Ansys via
    • Ansys Student downloadable from the link above contains most Ansys products including Ansys Discovery which you will be primarily using for your analyses of F1 in Schools cars.
  • Follow the self-paced learning resources outlined further below, and if you encounter problems you can reach out to LEAP if you require technical assistance with the usage of the software.
  • As your use of Ansys matures, you may find that some higher-fidelity simulations in Discovery “Refine” mode runs into limitations of the student licenses. In this case, you can reach out to us to enquire about access to the full version of Ansys.


Resources for self-paced learning for F1 in Schools teams: