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Energy Innovation

The worldwide demand for energy continues to grow every year while at the same time, concerns about climate change are leading to stricter emissions regulations and calls for sustainable design in all future energy systems.

As the margin for incremental design improvement becomes smaller, urgent breakthroughs in energy innovation are needed to meet these formidable challenges.

Innovations are driving increased product complexity with many more design alternatives to consider. As a result, energy systems simulation is becoming an indispensable tool for improving the way energy is produced and consumed.

Ansys simulation solutions can help you design efficient, sustainable energy systems that will overcome the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. Our unique array of solvers for thermal, electrical, structural, fluid and systems engineering enable you to design components and systems for every energy application. Whether you are developing an improved industrial turbine, a more fuel efficient internal combustion engine, a longer lasting battery, a wireless recharging device for electric vehicles, a more efficient solar panel or a lower cost wind turbine, ANSYS solutions can decrease your design time and get your product to market faster.

Ansys - driving energy innovations

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