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PTC eSupport

PTC customers on a current maintenance contract may access the PTC eSupport portal online to find and request support information for PTC products quickly and easily.

Not only can you can lodge support tickets, manage your licenses and access your downloads but the eSupport portal is also customisable, allowing you to select the products relevant to you and have its information displayed at your fingertips.


Please note that in order to access PTC eSupport you will need to create a account here. The registration process at requires some company specific information in order to link your account with your organisation. You can get the required information from your internal PTC license manager or LEAP liaison, otherwise please contact us.

Follow this link to access the portal and check it out. We highly recommend that you follow the tour and check out what’s new as shown in the image to the right and don’t forget, if you get stuck you can always contact LEAP Australia support on 1300 765 327 in Australia and 0800 765 327 in New Zealand.

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