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High Tech

Intelligent connectivity is transforming our world beyond recognition from autonomous vehicles to the Industrial Internet of Things. Modelling and simulation is critical to making these technologies a reality.

Mobile and Wearable Tech

ANSYS simulation tools allow designers of high-tech electronics to:

  • Optimise form-factor, performance, and battery life while delivering a compelling user experience
  • Address power power budgets, miniaturization as well as integration of functionality across hardware, software, and mechanical subsystems
  • Accurately predict and optimise power consumption
  • Enhance power and signal integrity
  • Simulate multiple antenna configurations

–reduce EMI/EMC issues by speeding the analysis of thermomechanical stress in conjunction with electromagnetics

Consumer Electronics

  • Designing high-definition image sensors for digital cameras or high-performance graphics processors to enable a realistic gaming experience, successful consumer electronics companies focus on driving down cost, integrating functionality, increasing product reliability, and speeding time to market
  • The chip–package–system (CPS) workflow provides insight into the coupled interaction between the semiconductor die, the chip package, and the PCB

Communication and Networking Equipment

Address challenges such as:

  • Increasing power density
  • Increasing data rates
  • Higher I/O bandwidth
  • Stringent electromagnetic compatibility requirements
  • Manage heat generated by thousands of servers or telecommunication equipment – routers and switches – in a confined space

With ANSYS multiphysics software you can improve communication and networking equipment design by optimising thermal performance, addressing power and signal integrity issues, reducing EMI/EMC challenges early in the design cycle.

Storage and Cloud

ANSYS simulation allows you to address:

  • Capacity
  • Latency, and reliability issues
  • Power
  • Thermal
  • Data integrity and security issues

Reliable Wireless Communication Systems

With ANSYS you can:

  • Conduct high-fidelity 3-D EM simulations
  • Analyse geometric-scale variations
  • Perform thermomechanical stress analysis and optimize antenna design
  • Rapidly conduct design trade-offs, resulting in improved range, reliability, and data throughout

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