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LEAP Solutions for Education

For over 20 years, LEAP Australia has supported the use of best-in-class computer aided engineering (CAE) and product development software for the engineers and designers across Australia and New Zealand.

LEAP’s broad customer base includes over 2000 companies, from some of the world’s largest OEMs through to SMEs and startups, plus all major universities in our region. LEAP has experience with end users in diverse industries, ranging from traditional high-tech leaders such as Aerospace and Automotive through to emerging leaders in fields such as Energy, Mining and Biomedical.

LEAP facilitates learning and research in key topics such as Multiphysics Simulation (structures, fuids, electromagnetics, Systems) and Digital Twin, Computer Aided Design, Product Lifecycle Management, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality.

Download the LEAP Academic brochure to learn more about what LEAP offers to Universities, or for a comprehensive overview of the technology and services LEAP provides to Universities, check our our RMIT Case Study. For more information on how LEAP supports Student Teams, click here.

“Many years ago, LEAP committed additional resources to foster a greater knowledge and understanding of CAE in academia, by firstly partnering with all the leading universities in our region to help make our software more accessible to students, and also by providing sponsorship and mentoring to major student team competitions such as Formula SAE, Solar Car Challenge, Unmanned Air Vehicle Challenge, Human Powered Vehicle and Rocketry competitions.

For our customers in industry who design and manufacture increasingly complex products and systems, we need our local universities to continue producing job-ready graduates whose up-to-date skills and experience with modern product development tools and technologies will help raise the competitiveness of our local industry and to sustainably grow our intellectual economy.” Greg Horner, Managing Director – LEAP Australia

Ansys Licensing for Academia

Ansys Academic engineering simulation software is used by thousands of universities globally for:

  • teaching key physics principles and
    providing interactive examples for use
    in undergraduate courses;
  • researchers and student teams to
    tackle complex engineering problems
    often involving multiple physics; and
  • postgraduate students to undertake
    groundbreaking and novel research.

Additionally, students can take advantage of free Ansys Student versions and LEAP’s academic portal for self-paced learning outside of the classroom.

Supporting Innovative Engineering Curricula

Ansys invites educators of accredited educational institutions to submit proposals to create innovative curricula or the evolution of existing courses in undergraduate engineering departments’ Ansys simulation tools.

Ansys grants for academic institutions at LEAP Australia

Submit a proposal

  • Existing Ansys customers
  • Undergraduate Courses
  • Combination of Ansys technologies
  • Proven teaching and assessment methods
  • Multi-department / multi-university collaborations are encouraged

Grants available:

Up to $5,000 for a single course
Up to $25,000 for series of courses

Ansys simulation solutions for academia at LEAP Australia

PTC Solutions for Universities

LEAP has assisted universities across Australia and New Zealand to successfully adopt PTC technologies including CAD, PLM, Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) for design, engineering and manufacturing.

LEAP partners closely with institutions to enable rapid learning and adoption among students and faculty alike, helping to deliver graduates with suitable skills as they embark upon careers that will be defined by Industry 4.0 technology.

PTC Technologies for academic institutions at LEAP Australia
PTC Technology solutions at LEAP Australia

KeyShot 3D CAD Rendering for Education

KeyShot is powerful, high-end rendering software. It’s easy to learn. And delivers exceptional quality, fast. With KeyShot, students can explore and evaluate their ideas by easily turning their designs into photorealistic images. Academic single and lab-pack licenses are available.

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