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Simulation Driven Product Development

In most industries today, there is a relentless pursuit of lower cost, more reliable and safer products and faster development times, in the face of intense global competition. Consequently, your margin for error is shrinking, and the cost of being wrong can be disastrous, especially in today’s intense global competition. Playing safe is no longer an option. Over designing products is too expensive. A shrinking margin of error has begun to cast doubt on some often employed engineering assumptions, particularly uncoupling of physical phenomena during simulations.

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Ansys structural simulation tools enable you to solve complex structural engineering problems by analysing multiple design scenarios to make better, faster design decisions.

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Ansys fluids simulation tools are highly regarded for their superior computing power and accurate results. Reduce development time while improving product performance and safety.

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Ansys Electronics simulation provides the best-in-class solutions for your Electromagnetic, Signal Integrity, Thermal and Electromechanical simulation needs.

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3D Design

Ansys 3D design tools enable engineering teams to make smarter, faster decisions by reducing product development costs, improving workflows and boosting productivity.

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Ansys materials tools help engineers factor in material sustainability earlier in the design process, helping reduce development time and make more sustainable material choices.

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Embedded Software

Ansys embedded software development solutions align the design process to safety standard objectives, reduce development costs, and accelerate time to certification.

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Ansys Optics simulates a system’s optical performance and evaluates the final illumination effect, predicts and validates the impact of lighting and material variations.

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Digital Twin

Ansys Twin Builder allows you to implement complete virtual prototypes of real-world systems. These can be deployed to manage the entire lifecycle of products and assets.

Digital Mission Engineering

Digital mission engineering combines digital modelling, simulation, testing, and analysis to evaluate mission outcomes at every phase of a system’s life cycle.

Ansys system-level simulation solutions at LEAP Australia


Model and simulate complete system-level digital prototypes to verify and optimise the performance of your software-controlled, multidomain systems.

Ansys Cloud simulation solutions


Ansys Cloud increases simulation throughput by removing the hardware barrier. Ansys Cloud is a scalable and cost-effective approach to HPC in the cloud.

Current Release

LEAP Australia is pleased to announce the release of Ansys 2024 R1 which is now available to Ansys customers across Australia and New Zealand from the Ansys Customer Portal.

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LEAP Australia - Ansys Elite Channel Partner in Australia and New Zealand