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Solutions for Automotive

Design and Simulation solutions deliver the transportation and mobility experience of the future: safe, durable, high-quality at scale and low cost. Digital twin technology allows exponential innovations in vehicle performance engineering.

Design and simulation software is utilised across all Automotive industry segments including:

Cars & Light Trucks

  • Autonomous driving systems
  • Smart electronics
  • Safety critical control software
  • Light-weighting
  • Electrification
  • Energy efficiency and smarter controls

ANSYS software contains detailed validated models, sub-models, methodologies and best-practices specifically suited for the detailed engineering needs of vehicle technology.

Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers

  • Autonomous vehicle systems
  • Smart controls
  • Infotainment devices
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Telecommunications
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Lower pollutant emissions
  • Enhanced safety and reliability

Heavy Trucks & Off-Highway

  • Tuning of the entire powertrain system for efficiency
  • Reduction of aerodynamic drag in trucks
  • Ensuring effective cooling of underbody components

Deploying extensive up-front virtual design exploration using ANSYS solutions helps to ensure efficiency, safety, quality and reliability early in the design cycle.

Motorsports & Motorcycles

Electric drives involve interacting thermal, fluid, structural and electromagnetic effects that call for comprehensive multiphysics simulations
high-performance computing options and efficient, scalable solvers mean you can get the most out of the limited computer flops that motorsports regulations allow

Motorcycle manufacturers can leverage these design exploration and optimisation tools — such as persistent parameterisation, adjoint solver and morpher — to implement early quality and reliability prediction methods.

Simulation Solutions for Automotive

Fuel Efficiency & Emissions

  • Reduce aerodynamic drag without sacrificing cooling and cabin quietness
  • Reduce vehicle weight while still meeting strength and durability needs
  • Reduce rolling resistance in innovative ways
  • Improve combustion efficiency of engines
  • Deploy effective exhaust aftertreatment devices

ANSYS improves fuel efficiency via all these means, optimizing vehicle weight with strong and durable composites design, optimising aerodynamic drag up-front, and downsizing and optimising engines and powertrain subsystems.


Multi-scale platform model hybrid technology aspects such as:

  • Batteries, fuel cells, motors, power electronics, and controllers, from end-to-end, using in-depth models/sub-models, with precision and accuracy

ANSYS’ solution includes reduced-order methods (ROMs) that enable effects of a subcomponent to be represented within an assembly without loss of accuracy.

Electronics & Embedded Systems

  • Faster, more robust engineering of antenna and radar development
  • Signal integrity
  • Chip–package systems
  • Infotainment
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Telecommunications and electronics cooling
  • Certified automatic embedded code generation tools eliminate the need for controller software validation
  • Reliable Wireless Communications Systems
  • Composite materials for high-performance electronics
  • High-speed, high-bandwidth communication systems design

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