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Healthcare & Biomedical

Modelling and simulation are proven ways to address the high and unsustainable costs and time required for design and regulatory approval of increasingly complex biomedical solutions for healthcare and medical devices.

Simulation Applications in Healthcare & Biomedical


  • Accelerate innovation of implantable cardiovascular devices — stents, valves or pacemakers — by simulating (pre)-clinical testing for necessary compliance with the regulatory authorities
  • Confidently invent and improve implantable materials that co-exist (without complications) with organs, tissues and blood

ANSYS uniquely integrates fluid, structural, thermal and electromagnetics analyses into a single environment, providing insight into how cardiovascular devices behave within the human body.


  • ANSYS leads the way in in silico medicine, which brings together multiphysics material properties, patient-specific human physiology, surgical procedures and manufacturing processes
  • Forward-thinking organisations address regulations with respect to implants and MRI: They combine thermomechanical and electromagnetics analysis to evaluate the temperature increase due to MRI interaction with the prosthesis

Pioneer companies — many of whom are now leaders — invested heavily in engineering simulation and rely on ANSYS technology to help manage risk, improve insight, accelerate product development and meet regulatory targets.

Diagnosis & Personalised Medicine

P4 Medicine (Participatory, Personalized, Predictive and Preventive) is expected to save millions of lives in the near future, and improve billions of others. It calls for early diagnosis and personalized medicine, continuous monitoring of our vital parameters, opening the way to the Medical IoT (Internet of Things).  ANSYS simulation tools assist to optimise implantable or standard diagnostic equipment.

Diagnosis equipment and Medical IoT electronic features — such as excessive absorption of electromagnetic waves or interference between signals — can be virtually tested using ANSYS technology.

Medical & Hospital Supplies

ANSYS simulation tools allow companies to:

  • Virtually test products for use in a wide variety of conditions and with large patient populations
  • Optimise electronic components to prevent undesirable interactions
  • Improve signal integrity and minimize signal interference without affecting primary function
  • Reduce the time for FDA approval — along with time to market

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