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Home / Solutions for Trucks, Trailers & Heavy Vehicles

Solutions for Trucks, Trailers & Heavy Vehicles

simulation solutions for the transport industry

Material strength



Shock absorption

Coupling & axle designs

Weld assessment

Crash testing

Wind loading

Cabin climate control

Tyre & braking design

Case Study – Chassis Design
Case Study – Tipper Bed Design
Case Study – Wheel Design

LEAP Australia can assist with a wide variety of solutions for the transport industry including:

  • Design solutions for light weight vehicles (less than 4.5 tonnes) or HGVs
  • Single-, tandem- or multi- axle vehicle designs
  • Scenario modelling (cornering, wide-tare, short-tare, tanker loads…)

Crash Worthiness

ANSYS Stress strain and fatigue

Stress, Strain and Fatigue

ANSYS contact and friction for transport industry

Contact and Friction

Hyperelastic & Plastic Materials analysis in ANSYS

Hyperelastic & Plastic Materials


Shock Loading & Dynamics

Design Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis in ANSYS

Design Optimisation and Sensitivity Analysis

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