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Ansys Cloud Direct

Cloud-based Engineering Simulation

Engineering simulation has long been constrained by fixed computing resources available on a desktop or cluster. Ansys Cloud provides access to on-demand, cloud-based computing resources, including both interactive workstations and HPC clusters, for faster, high-fidelity results offering greater performance insight. Ansys Cloud increases simulation throughput by removing the hardware barrier. Ansys Cloud is a scalable and cost-effective approach to HPC in the cloud.

Access Ansys Cloud anywhere, anytime to obtain endless simulation capabilities compatible with most Ansys solvers.

To leverage the combined benefits of cloud computing and best-in-class engineering simulation, Ansys partnered with Microsoft® Azure™ to create a secure cloud solution.

Within Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Fluent, Ansys Electronics Desktop, Ansys SPEOS, ANSYS Discovery, Ansys LS-Dyna, and LST LS-dyna, you can easily access HPC in the cloud directly from the applications running on your desktop. A broader suite of applications can be run interactively in the cloud via your web browser — without the need for additional setup. Access the hardware and software you need, when you need it, and pay only for what you use.

Ansys Cloud is a scalable and cost-effective approach to HPC in the cloud.

Ansys Cloud Capabilities

Built-in Cloud HPC access

Ansys Cloud delivers easy access to on-demand high-performance computing resources from within your Ansys environment.

Full Remote Desktop Experience

Ansys Cloud’s In-Browser Interactive Session is a virtual desktop interface (VDI) that delivers workstation-class performance to any computer with an internet connection. 

Completely Secure Workflows

Ansys Cloud provides a highly robust and completely secure environment for running simulations in the cloud. At the Microsoft Azure data centres, where simulations are run and data are stored, access is strictly controlled.

Economical On-Demand Pricing

Pay-per-use access to both cloud hardware and Ansys software is available on Microsoft Azure and enabled through Ansys Elastic Licensing.

Job Monitoring

Easily monitor the progress of your HPC job from withing the desktop application (when using Ansys Mechanical or Ansys Fluent for example) or from a web-based cloud portal (for Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Fluent and Ansys Electronic Desktop SPEOS).

Cloud-Based 3D Results Visualisation

In addition to the full interactive in-browser desktop applications, Ansys Cloud also provides a web-based results viewer which allows you to validate the results of your simulations while your data are in the cloud.

“Cloud computing accelerates time to results and the built-in interface to Microsoft Azure within the Ansys tools presents a compelling case for its adoption.”

Simulation is driving the future of design and manufacturing, but the computing power required isn’t always available on premises. Ansys Cloud integrates seamlessly with design programs and on-premises hardware. Switch back and forth between the cloud and your own hardware as needed and pay only for what you use. Our flexible, cost-effective cloud solution allows product development teams to reduce turnaround time, achieve more accurate results and easily adapt products for new markets and applications.

Ansys Cloud responds to the real needs of development teams by providing an easy-to-use interface in a streamlined, single-vendor solution. It facilitates collaboration by allowing users to share their solutions with other internal teams through a user-friendly web-based portal and addresses the varying needs of a team over time with its elastic approach to licensing.

Ansys Elastic Licensing — Access additional simulation resources as you need them

Flexibility is important, and sometimes you need more software or more HPC capabilities that you couldn’t predict. With Ansys Elastic Licensing you can get access to more software & HPC capacity, right when you need them — during peak times or when critical work is due.

You can purchase packages of Ansys Elastic Units (AEUs) to complement your existing lease and/or perpetual licenses and allow you to add capacity as you need it. AEUs are flexible: They can be used with products across the Ansys suite and work with either on-premise or cloud computing resources. Find out more about AEUs here.

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LEAP Australia - Ansys Elite Channel Partner in Australia and New Zealand