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Ansys Discovery Trial Request

You may request a trial license of Ansys Discovery by creating or logging in to an existing Ansys account using this link.

The screenshots below walk you through the process of setting up your Ansys account and the Ansys Discovery licensing process. If you have an existing Ansys account you can skip ahead to the licensing section below.

Navigate to the Ansys account login page.

Enter your business/institution email address, then continue through to request Ansys send you a verification code as shown below. Please note that Ansys will verify your company details before releasing your trial license, so please ensure you add accurate information in the forms shown below.

You will receive the verification code by email as shown below.

Enter the code along with your email address to proceed.

Complete your details and agree to the Ansys User Terms of Use, then choose your preferred two-factor authentication method to finalise account creation.

Finally, agree to the Ansys end-use certificate for your account and you are done – you have successfully created your Ansys account!

Once you are logged into your Ansys account, you will be directed to the License Form for Discovery Products as shown below. Please read and accept the terms by signing digitally.

Once you have signed the certificate you will be directed to the Ansys Discovery trial download page where you can download the software.

Once your trial request has been approved (typically within 24 hours but often sooner), your license activation key will appear in the ‘Manage Account’ section of your Ansys account.

Navigate to the Ansys Discovery Community Forum, log in if you are not already, then select ‘Manage Account’ to access your activation key.

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LEAP Australia - Ansys Elite Channel Partner in Australia and New Zealand