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Ansys SCADE Suite for Embedded Software

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Ansys SCADE Suite

Model-Based Development Environment for Critical Embedded Software

Ansys SCADE Suite is a model-based development environment for reliable embedded software, which provides linkage to requirements management, model-based design, verification, qualifiable/certified code generation capabilities and interoperability with other development tools and platforms.

Reliable Embedded Control Software Is Created in Ansys SCADE Suite

Modern automobiles, aircraft, and other complex industrial products are composed of multiple electronic components, perfectly integrated to provide critical functionality. Underlying these advanced systems are millions of lines of embedded software code that ensure their flawless operation under every operating scenario.

Ansys SCADE Suite saves verification effort and improves productivity without compromising safety and reliability in critical applications.

Ansys SCADE model-based embedded software development platform

Key Features

Ansys SCADE Suite is a complete model-based solution for designing, analyzing, simulating and verifying reliable embedded software for critical applications.

  • Advanced Model-Based Design
  • Synchronization with Software Architecture Design
  • Model Analyses
  • Debugging and Simulation
  • Automatic Code Generation
  • SCADE Tools integration
  • Systems Simulation Capabilities
  • Dedicated Solutions for Embedded Automotive Software
Ansys SCADE suite advanced model based design

Advanced Model-Based Design

Ansys SCADE Suite provides software data flow and state machine design and simulation capabilities in a fully integrated environment that connects with configuration management, system simulation and real-time testing tools.

Ansys SCADE suite synchronisation with software architecture design

Synchronisation with Software Architecture Design

Integration of Ansys SCADE Architect and Ansys SCADE Suite gives you all the tools you need for the complete software design process, from architecture to detailed design of components.

Ansys SCADE Suite Model Analysis

Model Analyses

To ensure that the Ansys SCADE Suite model is correct with respect to its requirements, you can perform static analysis, check the model against rules, assess safety requirements and perform timing and stack optimization analyses.

Ansys SCADE suite simulating and debugging

Debugging and Simulation

Ansys SCADE Suite simulation capabilities are based on actual generated code, providing you with a powerful visual debugging environment that enables breakpoints and watchpoints to examine internal variables and output values.

Ansys SCADE Diamond Diagram

Where to Use SCADE Suite

SCADE Suite is used to design critical software, such as flight control and engine control systems, landing gear systems, automatic pilots, power and fuel management systems, cockpit displays, rail interlocking systems and signaling, automatic train operation, computer based train control, emergency braking systems, overspeed protection, train vacancy detection, nuclear power plant controls, ADAS in cars, and many other aerospace, railway, energy, automotive and industrial applications.

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LEAP Australia - Ansys Elite Channel Partner in Australia and New Zealand