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Ansys Motion

Ansys Motion, seamlessly integrated into the Ansys Mechanical interface, represents a cutting-edge third-generation engineering tool powered by a sophisticated multibody dynamics solver. It facilitates swift and precise analyses of both rigid and flexible bodies, offering a comprehensive evaluation of physical events by examining the mechanical system in its entirety.

Quick Specs

Conduct simulations in Ansys Motion within the same interface you use for standard structural analysis. This unified approach allows for the reuse of one model across multiple applications, leading to significant time savings. Features encompass the Ansys Motion Links modeler for tracked vehicles, FE Dynamics tools,

  • Multibody Dynamics Analysis
  • Car Toolkit
  • Links Toolkit
  • Drivetrain Toolkit
  • EasyFlex Toolkit
  • Linear
  • FE Dynamics
  • API Development
  • Modal Flex
  • MATLAB Interface
  • SMP and MPP
  • Parametric Gear Creation
  • Libraries of Bearings

Ansys Motion – Flexible Multibody Dynamics (MBD)

Ansys Motion is a engineering simulation solution based on flexible multibody dynamics. Ansys Motion enables fast and accurate analysis of rigid and flexible bodies within a single solver system, reducing time-to-market by performing system motion performance, stress safety analysis, vibration analysis and fatigue analysis. The integrated GUI provides a robust modelling environment for component and systems that can be analysed independently or simultaneously, opening new doors during the design process across many industrial applications

Ansys Motion multi-body dynamics software at LEAP Australia

Key Features

  • Solver
  • Pre-post Processor
  • MBD Pro
  • FE Dynamics
  • Modal Flex
  • Linear
  • Fatigue
  • MATLAB Interface
  • FMI
  • Drivetrain Toolkit
  • Links Toolkit for Chains and Belts
  • Links Toolkit for Tracks
  • Car Toolkit
  • Easyflex Toolkit
  • CAD Translators
Ansys Motion Solver features


The Motion solver can accelerate the simulation speed for large degree of freedom systems. Simulate faster using shared memory parallel processing (SMP) and massive parallel processing (MPP) environments.

Ansys Motion Pre-post Processing features

Pre-post Processor

Ansys Motion pre-processor provides an optimised modeling environment for components and systems. Components can be modelled as a single entity consisting of a part file and a mesh file. Part files and mesh files are treated and managed independently, allowing for data reuse in other models.

Ansys Motion MBD Pro


The governing equations of motion are formulated based on a parametric generalized coordinate system. The rigid bodies are connected by joints, primitive constraints, bushings, contacts and user-defined function expressions. Smooth surface-to-surface contact is supported. The surface can be represented by piecewise triangular patches or a NURBS surface.

Ansys motion modal flex features

Modal Flex

Mode shapes are extracted from a finite element program such as Ansys Mechanical and deformation is expressed by the linear combination of the mode shapes. Since it solves reduced modal coordinates, the computation time is short. Modal flexible body and full nodal flexible body can be switched easily and can be solved with other rigid and nodal flexible bodies.

Ansys motion fatigue features


Conventional fatigue analysis has required two independent analyses of load history and stresses. These two processes are combined as one in the Ansys Motion fatigue analysis system. The Ansys Motion solver generates the load history and stress history at the same time.

Ansys Motion FMI


A functional mockup interface (FMI) capability facilitates co-simulation of an Ansys Motion mechanical model with other simulation tools that support FMI.

Ansys Motion FE Dynamics features

FE Dynamics

The solver was originally designed to contain the two different disciplines of MBD and finite element (FE) analysis. Therefore, there are many unique connecting elements of rigid and flexible bodies. Since the numerically stable implicit integration method is used, the solution is free from numerical noise and very smooth and reliable.

Ansys motion linear features


Linear analysis is used to solve eigenvalues and eigenvectors of FE bodies, EasyFlex bodies or systems. Natural frequencies and modes can be simulated. For the body eigenvalue analysis, the static correction mode will deliver a more accurate solution of a modal flexible body.


Ansys motion MATLAB interface

MATLAB Interface

Included in Ansys Motion base package, MATLAB/Simulink interface allows co-simulation of MATLAB control model and Ansys Motion mechanical models. System input/output in the Ansys Motion model and Simulink file in MATLAB must be defined.

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LEAP Australia - Ansys Elite Channel Partner in Australia and New Zealand