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Finite Element Analysis – LEAP Australia

LEAP Australia is the leading engineering software solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand, assisting thousands of companies with their design and engineering problems. The aim of this site is to share the extensive experience and knowledge we have gained over the years in working with Finite Element Analysis. If you are also interested in Computational Fluid Dynamics we encourage you to visit our CFD blog.
Digital Transformation solutions at LEAP Australia - Product Design Blog
Altium to Simulation - Learn how at LEAP Australia

From Altium to Simulation:  Workflows for Virtual Tests for PCB Designers

Thomas Benke from LEAP’s Electronics Team was invited to speak at Altium Designer 24 launch event in Sydney. This post offers a series of highlights from that presentation, covering industry trends, the recently announced Altium-Ansys Smart Bridge (including a live demonstration), followed by a discussion of typical simulation examples including PCB analysis.

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Guest Blog: Designing optimal wear liners with Ansys Rocky

This guest blog by Dr Daniel Grasser, Consulting Engineer at TUNRA Bulk Solids, Australia provides detailed insight into his DEM studies into reducing wear in bulk materials handling equipment during his affiliation with the ARC Training Centre in Alloy Innovation for Mining Efficiency (mineAlloy) at Deakin University. Learn how Dr Grasser utilised Ansys Rocky to better understand particle flow to improve and optimise the design of wear liners while reducing the need for experimental testing.

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Ansys 2023 Release Highlights - Structures

Ansys 2023 Release Highlights – Structures

Recording from LEAP’s recent series of Ansys 2023 R1 & R2 update seminars covering the latest updates in Ansys Structures & Explicit Dynamics. Thes videos are from our Melbourne event, presented by Dr. Luke Mosse, Senior Application Engineer at LEAP Australia.

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Mastering Structural Analysis: Integrating External Loads into Ansys Mechanical

Modern engineers often work on the design of increasingly complex systems that will experience a multitude of simultaneous loading factors – such as forces, thermal effects, and pressure. Ansys Workbench offers a range of options to streamline the process of incorporating these external loads into Ansys Mechanical so that Ansys users can accurately predict stress, strain and fatigue life for such complex systems with greater precision.

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Fast-tracking the development of autonomous vehicles, drones and robots via engineering simulation

Designers of autonomous vehicles, drones & robots face key safety and reliability challenges when integrating machine vision & complex sensors. Engineering simulation tools can form part of a complete control loop for autonomous systems, helping to replicate the real world performance of sensors in a consistent and repeatable virtual test environment and leading engineers to solve issues before they become a problem in real life.

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Switchgear Pre-Compliance Simulations

How to use simulation to ensure switchgear functions to standards such as IEC 61439, incorporating effects such as: short circuit withstand strength, degree of protection of enclosures (arc fault), temperature rise, clearances and creepage distances, Dielectric properties of insulation, electromagnetic compatibility EMC.

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