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LEAP Hackathons

LEAP in association with our academic partners, local business and industry partners facilitate the IoT/AR Hackathon, a novel, innovative event that seeks to involve students, industry and supporting industry partners in exploring how to increase productivity and efficiency by leveraging IoT and AR technology to solve real-world business problems.

Want to learn more about how a LEAP IoT/AR Hackathon works?  Watch the brief overview video from our 2018 RMIT Hackathon below.

LEAP works with our University partners to facilitate an event where students rapidly learn how to utilise the latest cutting edge technology in IoT and AR to solve real-world problems submitted by local business – giving all parties a better insight into how digital transformation can help to improve existing processes and enhance efficiency.

Students aren’t the only beneficiaries of the Hackathon experience. Hear below what the industry partners and businesses involved in our recent Auckland Hackathon had to say about the 2019 event.

The Hackathon format is designed such that everyone comes out a winner – students gain valuable hands-on experience with the latest hardware and software to apply solutions to real business problems submitted by real businesses. Businesses gain valuable insight into how current IoT and AR solutions can be deployed quickly and with minimal expense to solve their existing problems without large investment or a prolonged trial period.

For more insight into the Auckland Hackathon watch the video above where we hear from students, academics and business partners about the latest New Zealand based event.

Want to organise a Hackathon?

If you are interested in working with LEAP to organise a Hackathon at your educational institution, please complete the form below.