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HVAC / Mechanical Services

In today’s world, engineers and architects increasingly employ engineering simulation so the design of public spaces can meet safety, energy-efficiency and sustainability goals within strict project timelines.

Simulation software is used to create a virtual prototype and calculate the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) performance of a building or space. This virtual building design approach leads to:

  • A rapid investigation of alternative designs.
  • A better understanding of elements that can improve performance.
  • Exploration of a more innovative solution.

Wind Comfort & Lawson Criteria

Our easy to use and intuitive CFD tool gives engineers the ability to analyse a cityscape under multiple wind & geometric conditions. 

Facade & Exhaust Interaction

Architects and HVAC designers used our CFD solution to find a design that deflected plant room exhausts away from terraces and equipment intakes.

Rooftop Equipment Positioning

CFD was used to place air conditioning units in optimal locations, such that seasonal wind did not take hot exhaust from one unit to the intake of another.

CO Monitoring a Car Park

CO Monitoring a Car Park

CFD simulation models the physical movement of an item within a fluid, be it an elevator in a shaft or a train in a tunnel, for drag or acoustic analysis.

Car Park with Jet Fans

Car Park with Jet Fans

Our CFD tools can include the details and affect of jet fans within a car park, allowing a designer to assess the location and number required.

Large Car Park Simulations

Large Car Park Simulations

The CFD tool we use does not limit the size of the car park in any way. Moreover, we can split a car park in residential and commercial areas as needed.

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