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Providing a systematic approach to part management with Geometric Similarity Search to improve your design process efficiency.

ModelSearch … In 2 minutes explained..

Same and Same Likes to Hide

At least in databases. A fact that may lead to some additional costs: According to VDMA (the association of German machine and plant builder) every unnecessarily created part costs up to $5,000 AUD . Time to save valuable resources with the help of ModelSearch help. The software checks fully automatically, continuously and thanks to “in-memory computing” lightning fast and finds remarkable similarities between emerging and already existing 3D models as well as in assemblies.

In total, there are 57 parameters under permanent observation for the countercheck. Among them classic features like length, with or height but also special characteristics like the conditions of the Inertia tensors. The unique ModelSearch technology gives the designer the most simliar models proactively. Vision fulfilled.

How practical would it be to have a tool…

  • with which I can immediately find geometrically similar parts with ZERO effort
  • which is completely integrated into my PLM system, so I do not have to use any additional software
  • that automatically supports me instead of just being served



  • Similarity search and parameter search
  • Automatic footprint creation without customizing
  • Extremely high performance
  • Time savings in design and manufacturing
  • Reduction of product manufacturing costs
  • Reduction of product follow-up costs

Want to learn more about ModelSearch?

For a deeper dive into ModelSearch including a live demo, read our recent blog, Green by Design: Impacting Sustainability Goals with PLM and ModelSearch or complete the form and one of the experts from our team will contact you to discuss your needs.