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Watch the video below to hear what users have to say about Onshape:

espresso Displays

The espresso Displays team places a high value on teamwork to ensure the most innovative and efficient product design process possible. They can work on the same design project with a geographically scattered team using Onshape, giving comments, requesting modifications, and even watching changes happen live on the screen.

Black Lab Design Onshape Success Story

Black Lab Design

Learn how Black Lab switched from Solidworks to Onshape, driven by a need for greater flexibility with their CAD system and the challenges of documentation management and working with remote design teams – which have been uniquely satisfied by Onshape’s cloud-based solution.

Click the image to the left to enlarge or read the full blog article from Black Lab Design.

The University of Melbourne: Aerospace and Rocket Engineering Society (ARES)

Aerospace and Rocket Engineering Society (ARES) is a group of students who have come together to design and engineer Aeronautical technology. That includes; planes, drones, helicopters, rockets and anything else you could possibly think of do with aerospace!

Hear why ARES selected Onshape as their digital design platform to facilitate greater flexibility and collaboration among their design team.


Forward-thinking VIKASO® | Robotics 4.0 estimate 50% savings after moving to Onshape.


“Onshape isn’t a tool, it’s one of the platforms we are building our business on,” says Matthew Bush, COO of Hirebotics, which builds industrial robots “for hire.”

When he was first evaluating Onshape, Bush was impressed how the modern CAD system’s built-in collaboration tools let multiple engineers simultaneously work on their complex assemblies. When one engineer makes an edit, everyone else on the team instantly sees it.


Cutsforth designs and manufactures critical parts for some of the world’s biggest power plants. The stakes are high for Cutsforth as delays can cost their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the key reasons they chose Onshape is the modern CAD system’s built-in data management.

The company says it was devoting too much time to managing their old PDM system which housed 15,000 legacy files. With Onshape, data management is now automatic and painless. “We’re product development people,” says CEO Rob Cutsforth. “We’re not in the IT business.”

Synapse Product Development

Synapse is a global product development firm that solves complex engineering challenges for brands. Synapse credits Onshape’s modern CAD system for helping speed up collaboration between its mechanical, electrical and software engineers – accelerating its time to market.

“Engineering is all about solving problems and coming up with different and new solutions,” says mechanical engineer Katherine Stegner.

Taiga Motors

Taiga Motors is developing the “World’s Quietest Snowmobile,” an eco-friendly electric vehicle that matches the power and performance of a combustion engine snowmobile. Taiga’s TS2, designed completely in Onshape, has more than 1,500 unique parts and more than 3,000 repeated parts.

Engineer Matt Schroeder says he values the built-in data management of Onshape’s modern CAD system, estimating it saves his company an extra 10 hours a month in design time. Watch this video to see why Taiga Motors engineers have experienced “a net decrease in screen-punching incidents” since switching to modern CAD!

Premier Custom-Built

Onshape’s modern CAD system frees engineers at Premier Custom-Built to focus on doing their best work.

At the center of the luxury cabinetry company’s digital transformation strategy is Onshape, a cloud-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development platform that unites powerful CAD tools with built-in data management, real-time collaboration and business analytics.