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SpaceMouse® Enterprise

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Part Number: 3DX-700056

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CAD experts demand the highest level of performance in their daily-use work devices. In professional environments where quality output means everything, SpaceMouse® Enterprise is the cornerstone for any engineering team, architectural design firm, R&D divisions and more.

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Real-Time Understanding of 3D Engineering Design

It’s easier than ever to view your 3D models with SpaceMouse® Enterprise’s 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor and instant access to standard and custom views. Gentle manipulation of the controller cap translates to smooth and intuitive 3D navigation, while a press of a finger snaps your model to a standard view of your choice. The addition of three Custom View keys – exclusive to SpaceMouse® Enterprise – makes for an unequalled 3D navigation experience.

Fast and Efficient 3D Modelling

It’s easier to do what you want to do with 12 of your favourite application commands at your fingertips. And the right tools are always available because SpaceMouse® Enterprise’s Intelligent Function Keys automatically update as you change applications or environments. For complete visibility, the SpaceMouse® Enterprise’s new, high-resolution display presents actual icons from your application, bringing the familiarity of the toolbar ribbon to your fingertips. Customising which commands are assigned to which buttons couldn’t be easier, thanks to our simple, yet powerful 3DxWare® 10 UI.

Ergonomics. Redefined.

SpaceMouse® Enterprise is the most ergonomically designed product 3Dconnexion has ever created. It features a full-size, soft-coated hand rest for maximum comfort and a complete set of keyboard modifiers, all placed to reduce finger movement by 28.6% per hour1, streamlining and simplifying workflows.

In fact, this combination of features in SpaceMouse® Enterprise create an environment that increases work performance by up to 28%*2.