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Creo: Design. The way it should be.

Imagine, design, create, and innovate your products better with Creo, 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software, and solutions for product design and development.

Creo is a scalable, interoperable suite of product design software that delivers fast time to value. It helps teams create, analyse, view and leverage product designs downstream utilising 2D CAD, 3D CAD, parametric & direct modelling.

Parametric Modelling & Surfacing

Augmented Reality

2D Drawing

Model-Based Definition

Design Exploration

Mechanism Design

Core Simulation Capabilities

Human Factors Design

Routed Systems Design

Rendering & 3D Animation

Concept Design

Framework Design

Assembly Management & Performance



Plastic Part Design

Sheet Metal Design

Flexible Modelling

Creo Enables the Latest in Design

Generative Design

Creo has introduced breakthrough capabilities in the area of Generative Design. The new Generative Topology Optimisation Extension (GTO), powered by Frustrum technology, allows you to develop higher quality designs which perform better in the real world. Using Creo GTO, you can run topology optimisation studies to optimise results based on your engineering requirements and manufacturing methods, such as weight and durability. This allows you to improve innovation by exploring various designs that meet your constraints and improve engineering productivity by avoiding costly redesigns. View Datasheet

Easily set up the optimisation by defining the design space, physics, loads and constraints, goals, manufacturing process and materials.

A converged solution that leverages a parting line constraint to support a casting manufacturing process.

Final component in the full assembly for a motorcycle.

Real-Time Simulation

Creo has introduced computational fluid dynamics to Creo Simulation Live with the new Creo Simulation Live Plus extension. The software gives users instantaneous CFD simulation capabilities and is integrated directly within the Creo environment. Designed specifically for engineers, the software’s ease of use means you no longer need to worry about having expert CFD knowledge to run simulations. As you make changes to your geometry, analysis results will update dynamically. Creo Simulation Live Plus is fast, intuitive and powerful.

Creo features significant productivity improvements to Creo Simulation Live. Workflow and UI enhancements improve usability of the product and thereby increases productivity. Improvements to the legend makes results easier to interpret. Additionally, you can now conduct transient thermal studies. These powerful capabilities give users more insight into the real-world performance of their products. View Datasheet

Additive Manufacturing

Creo features improvements to the Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension. You can now add lattices based on the Delaunay algorithm. The software identifies and follows hard edges meaning the lattices are faster and cleaner. Additionally, custom cell improvements give users greater flexibility when creating lattice structures.

Creo features significant enhancements in Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM), including support for Swiss Type machines, the ability to set multiple “Go Home” positions for advanced machines, and UI improvements for the synchronisation tool. These capabilities not only create better designs for the manufacturing process but greatly improve user productivity. View Datasheet

Example of a custom cell
Define and compute optimal build direction

Creo Customer Success Story: FBR

World-first bricklaying robot HadrianX from Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) can build a 3-bedroom house in under 3 days! Their Perth based engineering team have designed the HadrianX using CreoMathcad and Windchill.

LEAP Australia is proud to support FBR’s engineers to develop such amazing innovations – look out for this new wave of automation that is heading toward the construction industry!

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