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Build a better IIoT solution with ThingWorx

Industrial companies face pressing challenges that require IIoT solutions. To address a wide range of manufacturing, service, and engineering use cases, PTC has spent years innovating the ThingWorx IIoT platform.

From remote monitoring and service to workforce efficiency and asset optimisation, ThingWorx is the low-code solution to common challenges across different industries.

Because building IIoT solutions is often cited as a pain point, ThingWorx is designed to reduce these barriers. Cruise from pilots to enterprise-scale solutions, using pre-built applications and developer tools.

Maximise Your IIoT Potential

ThingWorx simultaneously removes the technical barriers to IIoT implementation, while emphasising practical solutions that quickly return value.

Scale to new markets, improve throughput, and unlock new business models such as products as a service.

Get to market faster using a rich set of capabilities. Wrap and extend existing assets within your connected solution.

Leverage data from connected products and systems to increase productivity, lower cost, and increase efficiency.

Make product, service, and factory operations more secure and scalable. Improve service quality, reliability, and satisfaction.

Take control of your deployment options with on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid approach. Flexibly support any industrial use case.

Ensure success with must-have IIoT capabilities

If you’re considering IIoT platforms, you should be evaluating their capabilities. Unlike other industrial IoT software, ThingWorx offers a complete IIoT platform. Industry leaders turn to ThingWorx for end-to-end capabilities—enabling them to address every facet of their digital transformation journey.

Extend standardised industrial connectivity across disparate devices and applications to enable access to multiple data sources.

Use powerful, pre-built tools and applications to fast track and scale complete industrial IoT solutions and AR experiences with ease.

Extract real-time insights from complex industrial IoT data to proactively optimise operations and prevent problems.

Assume control over connected devices, process and systems and boost performance and visibility across operations.

Provide safer, more effective ways for employees to engage with physical objects and systems. Digital and AR interfaces contextualise data and guidance.

Want to learn more about ThingWorx?

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