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The complete cloud-based product development platform – SaaS CAD

Onshape is the industry’s first pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development platform that unites robust CAD with powerful data management, collaboration tools and real-time analytics. The cloud-native solution is a perfect fit for companies requiring the flexibility of remote design teams, enabling engineers to work together from anywhere, any time, and on any device.s.

Speed Up Your Product Design

Onshape is the only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development platform that combines CAD, built-in data management, real-time collaboration tools, and business analytics.
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Onshape helps businesses modernise their product design process.

Accelerates Time-to-Market
Simultaneous editing, built-in collaboration tools and real-time design reviews allow teams to explore multiple design iterations in parallel and instantly share product specs and design changes with partners.

Zero IT Footprint
Onshape requires no downloads, installs, or license codes and runs in a web browser on a Mac, PC, Chromebook or Linux computer. Frees your IT team from CAD and PDM maintenance, letting engineers spend more time designing and less time dealing with software issues.

Risk Mitigation and IP Protection
Database-driven architecture eliminates the risk of unauthorized duplication, data breaches, or even accidental sharing. Strict role-based access control keeps your design data secure at all times.

Onshape cloud native devices

Real-Time Data Management
Maintain a single source of truth for your data, without the need for an external add-on PDM system or sending around files. Whenever anyone makes a design change, everyone on the team instantly sees it.

Comprehensive Edit History
Track who made what change and when, allowing you to instantly revert back to any prior state of the design. Think of it as your unlimited Undo.

Onshape agile product design model

Branching and Merging
Explore, compare, and combine alternative design elements in separate branches without impacting the core design. Encourages creative risks and more iterations, ultimately resulting in better designs.

Controlled Access to Your IP
Share your CAD data with only those you want to see it. Better protect your intellectual property by monitoring, changing, and revoking View, Comment and Editing permissions at any time.

Multi-Part Design Studio
Design multiple related parts together in one place. By defining common features and inter-part relationships in one workspace – instead of bouncing back and forth between files – you can ensure that the results of your design changes are predictable and robust.

Managed In-Context Design
Add in-context relationships between parts of an assembly without the risk of unpredictable updates. Your CAD models always update in a predictable, controlled manner against immutable historical snapshots of the assembly.

Simultaneous Sheet Metal Tools
Visualize errors immediately by seeing folded, flat, and table views as you design. When you edit one view, the other two are synchronized automatically using Onshape’s secure cloud architecture.

Custom Features
Create built-in, industry-specific CAD features through Onshape’s powerful programming language, FeatureScript. It’s like having a CAD platform specially customized for your business.

Onshape App Store
Add specialized engineering tools – such as simulation, rendering, or CAM – from multiple partners. Most offerings are Integrated Cloud Apps that work directly inside an Onshape Document.

Robust collaboration with Onshape cloud CAD and PDM

One Environment
Access the App Store and custom features from within Onshape’s secure cloud workspace, without worrying about compatibility, license keys, or login credentials.