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Closed Loop Quality with Windchill

    Across Feb & March 2021, LEAP has run a 6-part webinar series on PTC Windchill which has provided an in depth look at the core capabilities of Windchill and highlights examples of how companies around the world are using PLM to boost their efficiency and product quality, at a time when teams are increasingly forced to collaborate remotely.

    The recording of the first four webinars of the series, Introduction to Windchill PLM and the Digital Thread, Windchill for Product Data Management, Sharing Information Outside of Engineering with ThingWorx Navigate and How to Manage your BOMs in Windchill are available for those of you who missed it – read on for the highlights of webinar five of the series, Closed Loop Quality with Windchill.

    To begin, LEAP’s PTC Technical Manager Allan Thompson discusses the importance of quality management, how disconnects within an organisation can contribute to problems with quality and the implications of problems with quality occurring. Allan then provides an overview of how Windchill can be utilised as the foundation for closed loop quality.

    Next, Allan provides a deep dive on how Windchill handles change management and takes a closer look at Windchill’s other key quality management capabilities including:

    • Configuration management
    • Industry specific quality management tools
    • Risk assessment tools
    • Digital product traceability
    • Connected quality (including predictive analytics), and
    • Dashboards and reporting

    Finally, Allan gives a live demonstration of some of Windchill’s quality management tools covered in the clip above and shows how Windchill can be used to facilitate closed loop quality.

    We hope you have enjoyed the fifth of our six-part webinar series on Windchill. As always if you would like to arrange a no-obligation discussion with one of LEAP’s PLM experts to discuss your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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