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Creo 9 Release Highlights

    Throughout July and August 2022, LEAP delivered a series of live, in-person Creo 9 launch events across Australia and New Zealand, highlighting the key features of the release with overview presentations and live demonstrations. These events, sponsored by PTC, Emona Instruments, Luxion (KeyShot) and 3DConnexion, were a great opportunity to reconnect with our customers in-person to share our insights into the most recent Creo releases; plus to hear stories from local Creo users around Australia and New Zealand.

    The PTC demo dataset for the Creo 9 launch is a Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro (which was designed in Creo) and at our Melbourne launch the team from Peter Stevens Motorcycles generously brought along a Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally motorcycle to put on display in the foyer – allowing attendees to see the finished vehicle alongside the digital design data from Creo 9. To cap things off, the LEAP team rapidly authored an impressive AR experience using Vuforia Studio to show design variants alongside the real motorcycle, information panels on key components, plus an animated assembly/disassembly sequence as you can see in this clip:

    Following the in-person Creo 9 launch seminars, LEAP also recently hosted a webinar for any customers who were unable to join us at the live events. This webinar did not have time to include all the content presented at the live events, but did provide highlights of the new features and enhancements in Creo 9 along with a live demonstration. As always, if you have any questions about Creo, please reach out to the LEAP PTC team.

    To kick things off, Allan Thompson, PTC Technical Manager at LEAP Australia provides a recap of the key enhancements from recent Creo releases which form the foundation upon which many of Creo 9’s new features were built. These include:

    • Productivity Enhancements
    • Generative Design
    • Ansys-Powered Simulation
    • Multibody Design
    • Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing
    • Model-based Definition & Detailing

    Allan then introduces Creo 9, starting with an overview of new Usability and Productivity enhancements in Creo 9 with likely customer use cases for each. You can jump ahead to specific sections of this clip using the seek bar at the bottom of the video:

    Next, Allan gives a live demonstration of these new usability and productivity enhancements in Creo 9. See the new Creo 9 features in action in this demonstration here:

    In the next clip, Allan looks at Creo’s new functionality for design for ergonomics using the Human Factors module which includes a new Manikin Editor and the ability to save your own manikin model as a single embedded assembly. Watch the clip below to learn more:

    In the next clip Allan covers new enhancements to Model-Based Definition and Detailing in Creo 9, including updates to:

    • Surface Finish
    • Symbol Parameters
    • GD&T Advisor
    • Hatching in Drawings
    • EZ Tolerance Analysis

    In the following clip Allan provides a brief overview of updates to Generative Design and Simulation within Creo 9 including the introduction of multiphysics analysis in Creo Simulation Live. Updates covered include:

    • Creo Simulation Live
      • Multiphysics support (thermal/stress)
      • Lattice feature support for fluids
      • Contact simulation
    • Creo Ansys Simulation
      • Mid-surface geometry for shells
      • Support for bearing loads
      • Inertia relief
      • Usability enhancements
    • Creo Flow Analysis
      • Multiple-project support
      • Tessellation improvements
      • Support for lattice geometry
    • Generative
      • Safety Factor Target
      • Modal optimisation
      • Support for ball joints

    And finally, Allan provides an overview of the new manufacturing tools in Creo 9, looking specfically at updates to:

    • Additive manufacturing
    • High-speed machining
    • Machining enhancements
    • Creo Tooling Design Extension (TDO)

    We hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions about moving to Creo 9, please reach out to the LEAP PTC team.

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