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Easy Access to PLM information with ThingWorx Navigate

    LEAP recently ran a webinar entitled Easy access to PLM information with ThingWorx Navigate which looked at how engineering teams can extend the capabilities of their PLM system to make important product data available and easily accessible to various stakeholders across the organisation with ThingWorx Navigate. Here we have summarised the webinar and made the recording available.

    To begin, Paul O’Shaughnessy – PTC Business Manager at LEAP Australia explains the concept of the Digital Thread and how it pertains to the Digital Organisation – using technology to connect the products, people, places and processes within an organisation.

    LEAP’s PTC Technical Manager Allan Thompson then discusses traditional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and some of the challenges associated with sharing PLM data across the wider organisation, particularly with those outside of engineering, before introducing ThingWorx Navigate which is designed to overcome these challenges.

    Traditionally, access to the data inside the PLM environment is restricted to users who use it regularly (namely the engineering team) however, with ThingWorx Navigate, this data is opened up to the wider enterprise allowing for all product design related data to be managed from within Windchill and viewed by whoever needs it. ThingWorx Navigate’s role and task based applications control the data that can be accessed by non-expert PLM users to ensure that people outside of the engineering team are only getting the information that they need, when they need it. Watch the clip below to learn more.

    Next, Allan provides a live demonstration of ThingWorx Navigate, walking through the process of setting up tailored roles for different types of users within the software, which then dictates the data they have access to and what they are permitted to do with that data. He then goes on to demonstrate how particular roles can access live product data from within Windchill, via ThingWorx Navigate without needing to be fluent in the use of the wider PLM system, easily accessing just the data they need. Watch the clip below to see it in action.

    Finally Allan explains how ThingWorx Navigate allows users to create custom ThingWorx Navigate apps that harness the power of connected PLM, linking the PLM system with IIoT data. This allows users to modify existing out of the box apps, create their own custom stand-alone apps or even embed ThingWorx mashups, which can display IIoT collected in the field, directly into Windchill.

    We hope that you found this article informative. Links to the additional resources and the ThingWorx Navigate trial mentioned at the end of Allan’s presentation are below and of course, if you would like any further information about ThingWorx, please do not hesitate to contact the LEAP PTC team.

    Additional Resources:

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