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Using AR to capture process knowledge & accelerate worker training in a post-COVID world

    In the final session of LEAP’s 3-part IoT & AR webinar series on how these emerging technologies will help business continuity in a post-COVID world, here are the highlights on Using AR to capture process knowledge & accelerate worker training¬†in a post-COVID world.¬†

    Note: If you haven’t yet caught up on the highlights from other 2 webinars, you can find them here:

    • Using IoT for remote monitoring of assets & operations in a post-COVID worldWatch here,
    • Using Augmented Reality for marketing, training & maintenance in a post-COVID worldWatch here.

    In this session, we again start with a look at how digital transformation is becoming increasingly important as organisations turn to technological solutions to help keep remote workers connected, not just to their colleagues but also to their products and the customers they service. If you have already watched the recaps of session one and/or two you may want to jump ahead to our in depth look at Vuforia Studio and Vuforia Expert Capture.

    Next, Allan provides a quick primer on ‘What is AR?‘, a technology has rapidly moved from being a novelty to becoming ubiquitous across many everyday apps used across our personal devices for social and entertainment purposes (think Snapchat filters and Pokemon Go). Learn how this same AR technology is also being harnessed for industry by PTC to solve a range of industrial problems:

    Vuforia Studio allows users to easily create rich AR content using existing 3D and IoT data. This advanced AR authoring and publishing tool allows content creators to bring together various information such as CAD data, IoT readings and traditional digital media to create a wide variety of custom AR experiences to help organisations share and interpret product design and manufacturing process data quickly and effectively.

    Finally we take a deep dive into the exciting new technology in Vuforia Expert Capture which provides fast and easy knowledge capture, allowing you to rapidly create step-by-step guides and scale your manufacturing expertise throughout an organisation. By recording step-by-step instructions to create AR experiences, organisations can capture process knowledge and expertise to accelerate worker training at scale. Watch the video below to learn more and see this process in action:

    We hope you enjoyed this 3-webinar series. If you have any questions or would like any further information on anything covered in this webinar please don’t hesitate to contact an expert at LEAP to discuss your own project.

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