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Batch Connections in Ansys – Never use Share Topology for Beam and Shell models

Ansys’s current technology for beams and shell mesh Batch Connections enables meshing large beams and shell structures significantly faster with better quality mesh. This replaces the tedious and time-consuming approach using shared topology.

In this webinar, Khesh Selvaganapathi, Application Engineer at LEAP discusses Ansys’ patent-pending Batch Connections technology outlining setup, capability and performance gains.

In the following clip, Khesh provides an overview of Batch Connections and its unique features:

In the next video, Khesh explains how to setup the Batch Connections feature within Ansys. As the Batch Connection functionality is a highly automated feature it requires minimal input yet offers a lot of flexibility.

The following video demonstrates the basic workflow of Batch Connections, how connection tolerances can be chosen, how the right connection options can be picked and how worksheets can be deployed.

In the next clip, a barge model consisting of 110 bodies is used to demonstrate the difference in performance, comparing Ansys share topology to Batch Connection.

The following video uses a real-life model of a Tripod Base which is made up of 250 bodies to demonstrate how to use tolerances to your advantage and fix overhangs in your model.

In the final video Khesh provides performance benchmarks of reasonably large models, comparing the time taken using the share topology method Vs Batch Connections including statistical information.

We hope you found this deep dive into the new Ansys Batch Connections functionality useful and can see why you should never use ‘share topology’ again for this purpose in Ansys Mechanical. If you have any other questions or would like our help to get started with this feature please comment below or contact our technical support team.

1 thought on “Batch Connections in Ansys – Never use Share Topology for Beam and Shell models”

  1. Dear Gentlemen,
    Many thanks for your valuable efforts. After having a meshed body by the “Mesh Based Connections” process, I met the error message “Loads, boundary conditions and named selections on vertices are not supported with mesh based connections” in Mechanical solution.
    Could you clarify me about this message and a solution.


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