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LEAP Support for Student Teams

LEAP Australia is proud to provide ANSYS software and support to academic teams across a wide range of competitions including the Formula SAE, the World Solar Challenge, the UAV Challenge and F1 in Schools.

Requirements and details on how to apply for LEAP team promotion are outlined below. To contact LEAP directly for more information on student team sponsorship please complete this form.

TEAM PROMOTION OVERVIEW (Subject to LEAP’s discretion)

  • ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical (includes Composite Analysis) and CFD (5 tasks)
  • ANSYS Academic Research Electromagnetic (5 tasks)
  • ANSYS Academic Research High Frequency (5 tasks)
  • Up to 32 x ANSYS Academic Research HPC (per core)
  • Additional info
  • Attendance at LEAP commercial training courses
  • Mentoring or training sessions
  • On-going technical support (directed to


LEAP Conditions:

  • Technical kick off meeting with engineering using the software
    • Review of simulation workflow and goals
  • All licenses are annual lease
  • Software provided may only be used by students enrolled in the respective university/engineering team
  • Complete team survey
  • Include LEAP and ANSYS logo on the team vehicle, merchandise and sponsor page. (Input on logo placement if possible)
  • Mentioning LEAP and ANSYS in presentations and social media
  • Blog on product use, publishing on LEAP and ANSYS sites or 2-minute video about use of ANSYS product.
  • Notification about launch night, team events and merchandise


Licensing Process:


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For students interested in learning more about simulation we encourage you to sign up for our Academic Portal and follow us on FacebookYouTubeLinkedInTwitter and Instagram.

Teams already working with LEAP will need to download our logo pack which includes LEAP, ANSYS and PTC logos. If you require a logo in an alternate colour or file format please contact us.