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Exploring Creo 8 – New Features & Enhancements

    Creo 8 is here and includes a raft of new improvements designed to help you create better products, faster than ever. LEAP recently ran a live webinar to explore the enhancements to usability and productivity in Creo 8, including new tools for model-based definition (MBD) and additive and subtractive manufacturing. Creo 8 also continues to build upon new simulation and generative design capabilities. Read on and watch the clips (that include live demonstrations) to learn more about the improvements Creo 8 brings.

    In the first clip, LEAP’s PTC Technical Manager Allan Thompson provides an overview of the key enhancements Creo 8 brings.

    Next Allan takes a closer look at updates to Creo 8’s core modelling – improvements that will make an impact in an area where users spend the majority of their time within Creo – including an improved dashboard layout, optimised UI and a new option to open important UI panels automatically.

    Other enhancements to Creo’s core modeling include visibility control, selection improvements, hole feature UI and usability, quilt snapshots, new design tree and model tree options and much more as described in the clip below:

    Allan continues by taking a deeper dive into the improvement Creo 8 brings to some of Creo’s core functionality such as multibody design, simulation driven design (including topology optimisation), sheet metal design productivity enhancements, weld preferences and references and the warp and inseparable assembly features:

    Allan then covers some of Creo 8’s enhancements to extension modules such as:

    • Advanced Framework (AFX)
      • Support for Embedded Component Workflows
      • Improvements to Copy Component Definition
    • Piping & Cabling (PCX)
      • Branch Tape Feature
      • Stiff Shrinking Feature
      • Slots in ECAD Boards
    • Design Exploration (DEX)
      • Merging of Checkpoints
    • Render Studio
      • now supports KeyShot 9.3 rendering engine
    • Modelcheck
    • Unite Technology – Data Exchange
    • Advanced Assembly (AAX)
      • Improved UX for Varied Items Table
      • New Inheritance Icon Modifier
      • Component Placement Status in Dashboard
      • Expansion and Improvement of Automatic Rep Support
      • Enhanced External Copy Geometry (from Assembly)
      • Enhanced External Shrinkwrap (from Assembly)
      • Reference Model Access
      • External Copy Geometry
      • External Shrinkwrap
      • Publish Geometry Feature

    Next Allan provides a live demonstration of some of the core enhancements covered so far. See these new features in Creo 8 in action in the clip below:

    Moving on to the next section of the webinar, Allan looks more closely at Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Detailing functionality within Creo 8, including:

    • Modernised Sketching Tools
    • Improved Creation of Construction Entities
    • Control over Geometry Snapping Guides
    • Creation of 2D Views from Draft Entities
    • Symbols Modernisation & Symbol Placement and Editing tools
    • GT&D Advisor
    • Annotation Management Tools

    Now Allan provides another live demonstration, this time taking a closer look at the new Annotation Management Tools within Creo 8.

    Allan now takes a closer look at the Creo Generative Design Extension which allows users to run DOE based topology optimisation in the cloud. Creo 8 allows users to set up parameters (load cases, materials etc) on their own machine and perform multiple runs on high-end, cloud-based hardware. Learn more about this extension and how it has been improved in Creo 8 by watching the clip below.

    Next, Imran Muthaliph, Application Engineer at LEAP Australia gives us a live demonstration of Creo’s Generative Topology Optimisation functionality, taking you step by step through the process of setting up design criteria, running the cloud-based simulation and analysing the results.

    Allan then takes a look at recent enhancements to Creo’s GPU-based simulation tool, Creo Simulation Live. Users with a compatible graphics card can utilise Creo Simulation Live to perform real-time simulation from within the Creo environment to perform both mechanical and fluids analysis.

    New Creo Simulation Live features include:

    • Ability to Redefine Probes
    • Removal of Selection Highlighting
    • Solver upgraded to latest Ansys 2021 R1 release
    • Introduction of Steady State Fluids

    Within this same clip, Imran also provides a live demonstration of some of Creo Simulation Live’s fluids capabilities:

    Allan then provides an overview of Creo 8’s enhancements to Additive Manufacturing tools including Lattice Variability based on Simulation results (which Imran later provides a live demonstration of) before finally providing an overview of the new Subtractive Manufacturing module Creo High Speed Milling Plus for 5-axis high-speed milling.

    We hope you enjoyed our launch webinar webinar for Creo 8. As always if you have any questions about anything discussed here please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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